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History A successful merger!

Services Catalys Inc. was created in January 2021, the result of the merger of two companies: GF3D Prototypes, specializing in mechanical design since 2015, and Catalys Contrôle & Puissance, specializing in electronic and software design since 2016.

It seemed logical and natural to bring these two companies together to combine talents and expertise and offer state-of-the-art products.


Mission, Vision and Values

A passionate and dedicated team

Services Catalys Inc. is a specialized company whose mission is to create innovative technological solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We offer our product design services to accompany you from an idea to production. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions that allow you to impact the market and stand out from your competitors while combining the most environmentally responsible approach possible.

Our expertise in electronic, mechanical and software design will enable you to carry out your entire project under one roof. Our methodical approach will allow you to reduce the risk of technological choices and validate your market from the start of the project. We will work together to materialize your solution using the latest prototyping and mass manufacturing technologies.

Services Catalys Inc. is committed to giving you the best possible product according to your needs and specifications while using tools such as Agile development. Agile methods are more pragmatic than traditional methods, involve the client as much as possible and allow a great reactivity to his requests. They are based on an iterative, incremental and adaptive development cycle.

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